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WE are a Green Circle Salon

A new 2020 year has started! We made a new list with resolutions for the new year!
One of the programs we have been participating since 2015 is “Green Circle Salons”. Together with other salons all over North America, we try to make the world better!


Since the first day of exiting Michael's Hair Body Mind Salon we have made a commitment to stand behind products and projects developed to create a balance between business and the environment. We have always sought out manufacturers who are eco-conscious, and produce products that have a positive impact not only for our planet but also for our salon, clients, staff and, of course, all community.


We have sustainably managed to divert an average of 1500 LBS of waste per year. Sustainability for us is the only conscious choice to make in minimizing our impact on the environment.  Michael's Hair Body Mind is proud to have participated in setting a Guinness World Record by partnering with teams from across North America and collectively planting 202,935 trees in one hour.  Our goal is always to give back to nature what we take out of it, constantly being aware of our carbon footprint and its effect on our lives.


This year 2020 we want to achieve a personal record of 2000 LBS of diverted waste.


Support us to make the world BETTER!


2015 – TOTAL WASTE of 1257 LBS


2016 – TOTAL WASTE of 1217 LBS


2017TOTAL WASTE of 1427 LBS

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