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To Our Dear and Valued Clients
  We are incredibly happy to announce that as of the latest update from the Ontario Government, Michael’s Hair Body Mind will officially be open for services on: Thursday June 25th/2020! It is with great joy that we will be returning to cater to your essential requests, and to serve you best, in person.
In order for us to accommodate our high volume of requests, we wish to share with you some important information regarding the changes that will take place before, during, and concluding your next appointment with us. Please take note of the follow:


Our hours will temporarily change until further notice, to best serve our clientele. Our wonderful team have allowed flexibility throughout their days, to accommodate these extended hours. We will now be open:

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 9:00am-9:00pm
SATURDAY: 8:00am-6:00pm


As we have had many inquiries and suggestions about how we will be going about contacting clients, we have decided to first honor those who already have existing reservations for future dates. Please be advised that we may have to adjust your reservation slightly to accommodate the extra time necessary for each service, along with the number of individuals allowed in, at once.
Secondly, we will be working hard to contact those who had reservations scheduled throughout the COVID period, but did not have a chance to see their stylists for their services. We ask that everyone please be patient and wait for our phone call, as our Guest Service Team will be working as quickly and efficiently as possible to get through this group of individuals.

Thirdly, we will be contacting those who made requests for future reservations, during the COVID period. We have kept note of your name and contact, and will connect with you as soon as possible.

We ask that everyone please respect the amount of time it will take to complete these important steps to serving you all better, and please refrain from calling for a future reservation at this time. If you have an inquiry, you may certainly send an email to us at , and we will be happy to reply as soon as we possibly can.


a) Are you scheduled for, or inquiring about a SPA reservation?
Please note that we will only be accommodating any spa reservation involving Procedures from below the neck area. For your safety, along with health standard Protocols, we will not be catering to any facial treatments and/or facial waxing at this time.

b) Are you wishing to only purchase products?
We would be happy to help you replenish any necessary items that you wish. Please send us an email request with exactly which items you would like, and we would be happy to contact you and run a transaction with you over the phone, prior to picking up your products. This process will continue to allow us to keep a safe number of people inside our facility.
  c) Have you colored your hair since your last visit to our salon?
Anything other than a root touch up that was purchased from Michael’s will require a phone and/or video consultation with your color stylist, to assess your needs before your reservation time is booked.
d) Are you looking to achieve a different look than what you had received during your
last color service with us?

This will also require a video consultation to assess your needs before your appointment is booked. We are suggesting and discouraging large color changes for the first month or two. This will allow us to get back on our feet and accommodate the most essential services first, in a timely fashion.

e) We ask that you please be patient.
We will be doing our very best to accommodate to all your requests. As we will not be scheduling each service as we typically do, we are catering with extended days and times to serve you better.
a) Firstly, we ask that if you are feeling sick, or have any symptoms to please postpone your reservation to a later date, for your safety, for our team, and for the clients in our facility.
b) We ask that each client please bring in their own masks to wear for the complete duration of your services.
c) We will solely be operating through one entry and exit point, which is through our back parking lot door.
d) We ask that when you arrive in our parking lot, you wait inside your car and call 416-726-5799 (clearly stating your name and who you are to see). We will notify you when it is clear to have you walk inside.
e) Only essential items will be allowed inside, such as your source of payment. All extra belongings (purses, bags, books, or jackets/sweaters that you will be taking off) is asked to be left inside your car.
f) We ask that each client come alone, unless assistance is absolutely necessary. Please note that there will be no waiting area available.
g) Please use the hand sanitizer available at the entrance before you enter the reception area.
h) Once you enter, we will have one of our team members take your temperature at the door. Once cleared, we will have your service provider personally escort you to begin your personalized service.
i) If you require a beverage during your visit, we welcome you to bring your own, as long as it is in a tightly sealed container, which you can take with you when you leave. Please note, that we will NOT be serving any beverages from our coffee bar during this time.
We are incredibly excited to welcome you back, and we truly look forward to having your wonderful presence with us once again! Our extremely talented team at Michael's, is back to serve you better!

Lina & Les
and the Team at Michael's Hair Body Mind
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