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Fall Season Promotion - Balayage with Dory

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We are happy to announce a new promotion
available at Michael's Hair Body Mind
Good news for Balayage lovers and Dory's clients!
Take advantage of a seasonal Balayage promo with our senior stylist Dory Daou.
Please be informed that:
1. The promotion runs for a limited time.
2. The promotion is valid between Tuesdays and Fridays.
3. Dory is offering a Balayage promo starting at $200-$300.
4. It includes toner and colour melt.
5. The promotion is only for Dory's clients and cannot be applied towards other service providers. 
To review Dory's amazing works, please visit his Instagram page @Dorydaw
Text Dory with a photo of your desired look and book a free consultation!
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